Head, Heart and Soul

The UK Prime Minister said as he resigned after the UK EU Referendum result that he had put his Head, Heart and Soul into his campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

I was struck by his reference to Head, Heart and Soul and how he had aligned these elements of self behind his belief in the UK remaining in the EU, because I had struggled as I listened to the arguments to align all three.

My head was saying that we would be stronger and safer in the EU and that the peace and prosperity of the whole continent would be better served by our continued membership.

My heart was saying that we should seize this opportunity to escape this undemocratic, unaccountable institution which was hell bent on a European superstate which I utterly oppose.

So what is soul?

For me, and I suspect for David Cameron, and indeed all of us, the soul  is the connective which links the logic of the head and the emotion of the heart.

The soul is ultimately the deciding factor in the choices which we ultimately make in our decisions.

Some people will pray for guidance as they search to make a reasoned choice, a choice which fulfills their deepest truth to the issue at hand.

Others will reflect and listen to their inner voice as they process the arguments made from both sides of the argument.

I found that it was hard for me to align Head, Heart and Soul.

My emotional response to Brexit was the strongest emotion, and yet as the time of the vote became nearer and nearer, the logic of my head disturbed my sleep and made me feel anxious as the two opposing tensions within self called me from within to be heard.

My soul was at last satisfied when I considered the opinions of my adult children who all wanted the UK to remain in the EU.

My soul latched onto a wider family perspective and gave me an opportunity to show myself attune to their aspirations.

As I walked from the polling booth, having voted to Remain in the EU, my Head, Heart and Soul were aligned, my inner voice and truth had been heard.

The supremacy of an emotional response to my needs, which has been such a destructive feature of my life in the past , was heard in the wider context of my whole truth.

My next blog will be: Cucumber

William Defoe



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