When I Look Into My Eyes

I think I am similar to most people, who as part of their daily routine, look at themselves in the mirror to check their face and features before setting out to face the world.

Depending on my mood, I might venture to express an opinion of vanity on how fortunate the world is to have the opportunity to look at my visage.

I know that I often tell my wife how lucky she is to have me to behold, but I never quite get a sense that she feels as lucky as I think she should be!

I have spent a few years focusing on self. I have been trying to come to terms with aspects of my truth which I had rejected in the past.

This inward focus  – turning in on the mind and expanding its capacity to accept a much wider spectrum of being in the world has been important and rewarding work, because it has lead me to a calmer existence.

When I look into my own eyes, I feel strangely disconcerted.

It is a curious sensation to look into the apparatus which I use daily to observe the world.

First of all, my eyes are beautiful – look at your own – look into them and you will see that yours are too – it is not vanity that I speak – it is truth.

I have noticed that when I look into my eyes, I see first of all, the current emotion of my life reflected back at me – sad eyes perhaps, or happy eyes – but this is not the eyes communicating  – this is the work of the face pulling on the eye sockets to change their shape, or a tear duct revealing a fount of moisture.

If I remain focused on the eyes and see past the emotion of the moment, I come over quite funny – it feels a tad embarrassing -it reminds me of the feeling that you get when you lock eyes with another person across a room – there is a momentary connection which may lead to an exchange which results in something very intimate.

When I look into my eyes, I experience a very deep and intimate connection with self – I have nowhere to hide from who and what I am, and I look longingly in to them, so that the uncomfortable sensation is overcome by an intensity of love, an intensity of gratitude, an intensity of hopefulness, and an intensity of belief.

Thank you for my eyes Almighty God and Father, for they reveal the world to me, they reveal me to the world and they reveal you to me, the creator of all.

My next blog will be: Making Connections

William Defoe



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