Pointing In

Throughout the last three years of my inward journey, supported by Integral Coaching techniques, I have grown my inward capacity to cope with the world and my place within it.

I have developed a technique to “point in” to the source of pain on any given day of my life, but not be crushed by it, as I was in the past.

Whenever I feel some hurt arise in my mind, I seek first of all to experience an expansiveness of the present moment so that when I “point in” to the source of my pain, or happiness, or anxiety or dreams and hopes, I experience them with a background of some balance.

At this moment in time, I am experiencing some deep concern for my wife and my adult children, for which relationships are strained, and my awareness of it has felt like it is hopeless and a mess and too difficult to cope with.

There is a feeling in me that wants to run, run away from the source of the pain, but I know that won’t solve anything, so instead I ask myself, what can I do, incrementally, if I “point in?”

As I do so, I feel overwhelmed, so to illustrate expansive thinking, I say, this is big work, this will take time, this will take many upward steps and I can expect some backward steps too along the way, but I am going to make a start, I am going to try, I am going to share outwardly the journey of my soul.

I will do this by “pointing in” (reflectively), thinking, breathing, running, praying and then outwardly by making connections, making myself available to listen, to soothe, to ask questions, to love, love and love again to turn this ship round from the tempestuous and dangerous waters it is in to calmer seas.

My next blog will be: Breathless

William Defoe

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