Destiny or Floating Around

“I don’t know if we each have a destiny or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze but I think maybe it is both – both happening at the same time.” Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks)

Throughout my life, I have experienced periods of conflict.

In recent years, I have been drawn to new ways of thinking, and one of the ways I experience the deepest healing is when I come across phrases which speak of opposing positions which have found a way to co-exist side by side.

Conflict…… my inner conflict, was as a result of lacking the capacity to think expansively, and of being too reactive to a narrow view of the world, seen through a prism of conditioning rather than my truth.

Expansive thought has enabled me to grow in appreciation for light and shade, noise and solitude, laughter and tears, hope and despair and to welcome these feelings into my soul with an acceptance of what is possible, even in the same moment and yet, even then having room to breathe.

When Forrest Gump alluded to his view that destiny and floating around were happening to him both at the same time, he had arrived at that understanding through the experience of losing his wife, but at the same time experiencing intense joy of nurturing his young son.

I too have experienced my life through a prism that my birth-right bestowed on me a certain kind of destiny and that anything which I experienced which was in conflict with this expectation hurt me and as a result I caused pain to those around me.

I have experienced growth in recent years, because I have been able to allow my truth to float around and speak itself to me and to be heard and acknowledged and loved.

At the current time, but quite possibly subject to an adjustment in the future, my destiny has remained pretty much intact because it is also my truth, but in allowing myself to embrace and love both, I have liberated myself from despair to hope.

My next blog will be: Grassroots

William Defoe.


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