French Song

I have a soft spot for all things French.

The French language, spoken or sung, is very beautiful and to be compared to nectar,  a poetry on the ears, exquisite!.

As I drove home tonight, I listened to a song in French called “Je Chante”  by Charles Trenet which is a track which featured on the soundtrack of the film  “A Good Year”

At the time of listening, I could not recall what the meaning of “Je Chante” was, but it means “I Sing”

What struck me most of all whilst listening to the song, was the idea of enjoying something which I do not fully understand.

I had a sense of feeling that it is good to appreciate and accept the knowledge I have and not to be unduly worried at the gaps which limit my full understanding in the present.

It was enough for me to know, that I was enjoying the sentiment in this lively song, clearly enhanced by the melody, and that my lack of understanding was not a barrier to an experience of pleasure and a feeling of intense joy.

As it said in the song:-

“Je suis heureux” 

“I am happy”

My next blog will be: The Significance of Thorns

William Defoe






Of course, I could Google the title of the song and get the English translation, but I have no intention of doing so.

It was sufficient for me to connect strongly to the French words, and the French audience whom I am sure, would have understood the song, and that is enough for me to know.

I can’t know everything, but I can appreciate that others somewhere do know the bits I don’t and

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