The Effort Behind Delivery

I am currently experiencing a very busy period at work with multiple “important” deadlines to deliver.

I caveat the word “important” because my job involves financial information, which is business critical, but not a matter of life or death!.

I have been able to learn, over the years, how I best meet the important tasks so that they are delivered on time, and although, I work hard, I manage to maintain a good work life balance for most of the time.

I have noticed recently, how colleagues of mine, who appear to me to be struggling to deliver their objectives, tell me how they work long hours, work from home in an evening and / or at weekends and curtail holidays.

This seems to me be a recipe for failure, because it could be a symptom of bad planning, poor prioritization, poor delegation and poor communication.

I have learned, that I am always under a certain amount of pressure at work, and that is what comes with the role and responsibilities I carry and it’s effect is motivational,  but if I find that I cannot sleep because of work related anxiety, my thoughts turn to “who else” rather than “when else”

Late last week, I had to work from home most of the evening. My inner voice (critic) is telling me throughout that this is a symptom of failure.

My response to that voice was that, my opinions are a guide, not a straight-jacket, and that in this instance delivery depended on being flexible until I could put in place the support I needed from my team to deliver.

My next blog will be: French Song

William Defoe



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