Last night I came across Kitty again – on You Tube.

Kitty, played by Patricia Routledge, appeared in a five minute monologue during The Victoria Wood As Seen on TV Show in the 1980’s.

I cried with laughter at the following lines in episode 3, all spoken by the brilliant Patricia Routledge in monologue:

“The Producer didn’t cook, thank goodness

She’s a nice girl, but when somebody chain smokes capstan full strength, and wears a Coleman’s Jerkin, you’re hardly tempted to sample their dumplings.

First day I met her, she said “I’m a radical feminist lesbian”

I thought “What would the Queen Mum do”

So I just smiled and said “We shall have fog by tea-time”

She said “Are you intimidated by my sexual preferences?”

I said, “No and I’m not too struck with your donkey jacket either”

This little extract had me in tears of laughter last night.

I noticed that its nostalgic brilliance had not been lost on me over the years since I had last seen it – it made me laugh when I first heard it, just as much as it did today.

As I kept repeating the little clip, I noticed and I enjoyed the live studio audience laughing at each silly statement, but also that some laughter from individuals in the audience was longer and higher pitched than others.

I noticed that some people found this clip more humorous than others, or should I say they appeared to express their enjoyment of it more forcefully in the quality of their laughter.

I have noticed that despite the difficulties that I have endured in my life, I have been able to laugh and at times make people laugh too.

The wonder of living life in the present, is that like yesterday, feeling very despondent with some aspects of self, and all churned up, I was able to laugh until I cried at this piece of literary brilliance, which is Kitty!

My next blog will be: Lent

William Defoe







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