Chapped Legs

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a longer than usual Sunday run.

During the run I became aware that the top of my legs were rubbing harshly against each other and causing me discomfort.

I did what I could to adjust the Lycra protection that I wear to prevent such unwanted contact, but it was to  late, the damage was done – for a few days I had very sore Chapped Legs!.

I think that our own conflicted thoughts can, at times, cause friction in our mental state of mind and leave us open to the anguish and pain of not quite knowing what to do next.

Quite often, my own internal conflicts have been caused because I was under an illusion that I had to make a choice, or a snap decision, on a matter, which required of me more thought and time.

As a man of faith, I can see the benefit of praying over such matters, and please believe me when I say I do pray, but prayer for me works better when I am simply being with God in quiet reverie.

I have noticed, that I have been called upon, to be more expansive in my thinking as I journey into a life of being present.

This means, that I need somehow to hold all the conflict in my mind but think of it, not as conflict or choice or friction, but as story – a story which is slowly building up a plot to an ending which has not yet revealed itself ….. but it will!

I caused the skin at the top of my legs to burn, when I chapped my legs, so I have now taken extra precautions to:-

  • apply some cream to the said area, and
  • wear a layer of cotton under the Lycra……
  • which is under my shorts…..
  • – its a wonder I can run at all!

but, joking aside, this notion of layering and protecting and keeping going physically, is supporting my increasing ability to hold it all together, with generosity and love of self, while I work through those issues which trouble my mind.

My next blog will be: Kitty

William Defoe





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