I am having a winter break at home this week.

It is part of my ongoing work to bring a balance to my life of work and rest.

I have set my heart on watching the BBC Coverage of the 2012 London Olympics which I received as a box set gift shortly after the games ended, which I have never found time to watch except for brief excerpts.

I am surprised at my choice of relaxation for the couple of days that I have given myself for this repast, because I am not particularly interested in sport, and I was on holiday in Portugal when the Olympic Games were held in London.

I have also consciously made a decision to watch less TV as I find a way to be present each day in my life, so to plan to sit in front of the TV purposefully for a couple of days seems a tad indulgent and could be interpreted as a backward step on my resolve.

I love my country, I was immensely proud of my country during the Olympics and I want to honour the commitment and skill of all the athletes who took part and to celebrate the success and effort of Team GB.

There is one moment which I am keen to watch again, and perhaps is the reason why I have set aside this time, and that is the sight of Northern Ireland’s exhausted single sculler Alan Campbell being half-carried towards the medal podium by Sir Steve Redgrave to pick up his bronze medal.

Campbell had given every last ounce of energy to bag himself a bronze, the first single sculls medal by a rower from the British Isles since 1928.

His complete exhaustion, his recognition that he had done all that he could, moved me deeply because his success was won through courage and determination against the odds.

I am hoping that the Olympic athletes of the 2012 London games will inspire me to persevere in my own journey to find within me the compassion for self which I have sought for so long.

I wish the government and people of Brazil best wishes for their preparation for, and enjoyment of, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

My next blog will be: Walking on

William Defoe

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