Tormented Soul

I have been experiencing troubled anxious feelings to the point of torment.

I have suffered in this way for many years but now I have a much greater capacity to recognise these feelings, keep them close, perhaps hidden would be a better description, while I work from within to overcome them.

I know that my tormented soul is a product of my past experiences of frustration and fear but in the present these feelings speak to me of a hopeful future.

I am calmer and I welcome the opportunity that my feelings bring to me to deepen my knowledge of self and work towards overcoming the torment by changing from within the impact of the narrative on my life.

Last week was an important birthday for my wife and we went away together for the weekend. I was stressed at work, frustrated with a conversation that I had held with my boss, angry over the actions of a member of my team, full of cold and fed up.

I was surprised though by my capacity to hold it in. I was able to find odd moments of time to focus of my torment whilst on the surface having a genuinely lovely time with my wife.

This is a significant shift in my journey of self love and self knowledge because until recent years I would have not been able to separate the two elements and the weekend and my marriage would have suffered as a result.

During this week, the issues that caused me problems at work have moved on – I have moved on and the tormented soul has survived to tell the tale!

My next blog will be: Echoes of my MInd

William Defoe

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