I have recently acquired a new mobile phone following the end of my last contract and the start of a new one.

I like to personalize the screen-savers and usually in the past I have selected a favourite view of the sand and sea from one of our holidays.

As I finished downloading the apps I use, and transferring my contact list and some photos, I was inexplicably drawn to a photo of my wife and I decided to use her image, in that particular photo taken in Scotland last year, as my screen-saver.

“Well what is remarkable about that?” I ask myself

The decision feels important to me. To have her image so readily available to me, not in a pose at a posh event, but an image of her as she appears to me in the everyday of our marriage and the remarkable thing is that her presence in this place makes me feel safe.

My journey to being present, in recent years has had its troubles and difficulties for both of us in the situation in which we find ourselves.

We both are curious about our capacity to sustain our marriage in these circumstances, and for that she is not only my screen-saver, but my life-saver and I love her for it.

My next blog will be: Moving from Failure to Disappointment

William Defoe

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2 thoughts on “Screen-saver

    1. williamdefoe274 Post author

      Janeena thank you for sharing with me the impact my post on screensaver had on you – it is wonderful to hear that you connected emotionally in a variety of ways with my post – William



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