St Hilda of Whitby

I have noticed, having had direction through coaching, that when I feel overwhelmed by my feelings and emotions, it is because my present moment is being compressed into the story of a single issue.

I have looked for ways in my daily routine, to make sure that I use my new found skills to contextualize my feelings in the present moment, by doing what I can to be expansive in my experience, in the present moment.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst away for a few days in Whitby, North Yorkshire, I attended the Saturday Vigil Mass at the local Catholic Church of St. Hilda’s in Whitby – a beautiful church building with a warm and welcoming group of parishioners.

This expansiveness of thought in relation to my visit, with my wife to that church is two fold:-

  • Firstly, St Hilda is a northern saint, an abbess who lived in the 7th Century AD. Her very name evokes a deep concept of the past at a time when the christian faith was being established in England. [a thought of depth]
  • Secondly, I have always sought out the local catholic church when I have been away on holiday. The rituals of the Mass are the same in every parish, so I have a feeling that I can participate equally with local parishioners, but more than that, I have a sense of the universal church in which the various parishes are in communion with a bishop who is in communion with the Bishop of Rome. [a thought of breadth]

I think any activity which encourages an expansiveness of thought away from a narrow focus, particularly if this is causing pain and anxiety, is good for soul.

After my weekend in beautiful Whitby, I can say that my soul feels refreshed and alive.

My next blog will be: Screensaver

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