Bus Nostalgia

I was in my mid twenties, married with two children before I was able to afford to buy my first car.

Until that time from the age of 11 years, I had traveled on two buses to school and back and after leaving school two buses to work and back.

My memories of those journeys, particularly in winter, is one of dirty, unreliable services, heaving with passengers and a deafening noise.

Last week my car was in a local garage for a repair and I decided that I would go to work and back on a bus.

I found the experience to be fascinating because, the services were on time and quite busy – busier than I expected them to be, and also in the bus station where I had to wait for my second bus, seating was provided with hi-tech displays of times and delays.

It felt like I was going out to board an aircraft when the second bus arrived which would complete my journey.

The bus was a limited stop bus, so I asked nervously if the bus stopped at the top of “X” road – the jovial bus driver said that that he would stop the bus wherever I wanted to get off – “just ring the bell” he said.

As I sat on the bus, travelling at speed on new priority bus lanes, I felt quite nostalgic for the sights and sounds which I had not heard so long.

My assumptions of the service, based on old narratives was challenged and I was thrilled to accept an updated view of bus travel – clean, reliable, polite, technical. safe.

I am using my new learning to challenge some of the old narratives that go on in my head, so there is a lot to be said for – bus nostalgia! 

My next blog will be: Sap

William Defoe

Picture Credit: http://www.nostalgiatravel.co.uk

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