The mother of a friend of mine has moved into a care home recently after quite a few months of illness.

I asked her how her mother was getting on in her new home and it was nice to hear that she was settled and happy and that her apprehensions over the summer had been overcome.

My friend said to me, “…. and she has got a new friend and they play dominoes together”

She continues “….it is quite comical to watch them because my mother can’t see very well so the other lady calls out the number of dots and the new friend can’t pick the dominoes up so my mother puts them down for her”

The learning I have taken from this is that to be truly resilient we need to apply the skills we have, and then reach out for the help we need, from the world around us.

Thinking I have to do it all myself in the past has led me to periods of isolation and fear.

How inspiring to hear that two elderly ladies in a care home have found a way to connect the dots and have a game of dominoes and in hearing their tale of fortitude, I have felt reinvigorated in my own acknowledgement of my own skills and my need for help.

My next blog will be: Man Flu

William Defoe

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