“I See You”

How often do we see people, perhaps on a daily basis without really seeing them?.

We perhaps are unable to see past what is revealed to us by others, but we may sense that behind what we are presented with, there is something going on in peoples lives which is much deeper and hidden.

How do we access this deeper humanity?

Or perhaps, I should ask, how do we go about revealing our own deeper selves?

I for one, have not found it easy to be open about my hidden truth.

In recent years, after many years of suppressing my truth, I have worked within myself to find a deeper love, a deeper compassion for myself so that I feel much closer to being able to reveal my truth, if it is sought from me, in a safe way.

I very much love a line in the 2009 James Cameron film, Avatar, when Neytiri (a beautiful Na’vi woman) tells Jake Sully (an avatar – a man-made na’vi) – “I See You” 

She sees in him his bravery, fearlessness and commitment to her people and their values and systems of living, deeply connected to spirits of past na’vi and she is able to reciprocate his love for her, with her love for him.

This connection between them, was revealed through his efforts, to convince her of his truth, not in words, but in acts of bravery and respect.

I sometimes feel that I am not really fully visible in my truth and it causes me, from time to time, unbearable pain and deep anxiety.

I am asking myself, what I can do to be more open to the opportunities of being seen in safety (without judgement) so that if I happen on the words from another – “I See You” – “I respect your truth” –  I will be in a position to say to them “I See You”

My next blog will be:  Dominoes

William Defoe

Picture credit: quotesgram.com

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