Long Sleeves

It’s that time of year, when in the UK, the nights are drawing in and there is an autumnal feel in the air.

The leaves on the trees are changing their colours before my eyes before being blown of the trees in a feast of beautiful colour.

This change of season, which is so apparent in the world around me, provokes a change in me at this time of year to long sleeved shirts.

Storage containers are located and opened and items of long sleeve clothing are washed, dried and ironed en-mass, in my response to the change in season.

If only our inner lives could respond so readily to the change in season.

I have come to understand that for my inner life to respond to the call for change, I must listen to it, reflect upon it and respond.

My response to the change in air temperature is a long sleeved shirt.

My response to my inner voice is an acceptance of self, less judgmental of myself and others and an awareness in the present of the beauty of the world around me in the physical world and in the people who accompany me, in love and friendship, on my journey through life.

My next blog will be    Martha and Mary

William Defoe

Picture Credit: http://www.polyvore.com

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