“I’ll pray for you”

I am thankful for my spiritual life which is influenced strongly by my Catholic faith.

I am quite devoted to the rosary because in reciting the repetitive structure of this beautiful prayer I am able to either contemplate (pray for) on one thing or offer up various prayers for my family, the sick, the dying, the lonely, an end to poverty and war etc.

Last week I had a call from my brother, who knows the truth about my sexuality.

I appreciate his care for me, but sometimes wish that I could meet up with him more often that our respective diaries allow.

We had a long conversation about the summer, our jobs and then he asked me how I was going on (meaning how was I going on with my mental health problems)

I explained that I had been reading “A Hidden Wholeness” by Parker J Palmer (which is referred to in earlier blogs – see Alvor) and how the Quaker influence of silence enabled me to connect to my inner teacher which had resonated strongly with me.

He ended the call by telling me that he thought I was doing great and then he said “I’ll pray for you”

I respect his prayers for me and I do believe that they are helping me to accept myself in the fullness of my truth, but I could not help myself thinking as the call ended, of how, if he had offered to go with me for a few drinks, as well, this would have answered my prayers.

You see, faith goes hand in hand with action because God cannot do it all on His own.

My next blog will be:     Torrid Day

William Defoe

2 thoughts on ““I’ll pray for you”

  1. Janeena

    I so appreciate your capacity to acknowledge and integrate the power of prayer and action. I wonder…. being God’s creation are we exactly that: prayer made manifest, spirit incarnate – and in action. If we think of ourselves in this way, what might be possible for all of us and all of us in service of our wider communities. Thank you for bringing this today x

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