Open to all

I was walking past a gentleman’s club recently, which at one time was open only to members, when I noticed that the club had significantly changed its approach to market and it was now open to all.

A big banner running across the front of this very beautiful property encouraged us to make a booking for weddings; funerals; birthdays; anniversaries; retirements; and even wakes!

This new open to all approach reminds me strongly of the change in attitude which I have undertaken in recent years to free myself of a narrow mindset and idealism which was causing me and those close to me deep suffering.

I have chosen a new way of being in the present which is open to all and although that means I have to accept both light and shadow, I no longer feel crushed by feelings I have that once were alien to me in respect of my sexuality and also the choices that my adult children have taken in their lives thus far, which are different to how imagined their lives would be.

The result, which is a work in progress, has been utterly transforming and my new open to all way of being in the world has revealed a deeper inner calm, self love, accessibility to others and an acceptance of how things are, rather than how I expected them to be.

Are you open to all?

My next blog will be: If only the world was flat

William Defoe

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