Jeremy Kyle

My wife likes to watch the ITV show “Jeremy Kyle”

She tells me that witnessing the problems that others face in life helps her to get a perspective on our problems re my sexuality and our journey to accept this within our marriage. (said with a smile!)

Last week we were away for our Wedding Anniversary and as we got ready to leave the hotel we spent a very funny thirty minutes sat on the bottom of the bed watching “Jeremy Kyle” and his guests.

I have seen an episode before, and it seems to me that the formats are all the same.

The families torn apart by infidelity, suspected infidelity, interfering parents into the lives of their children and protective parents concerned for their children.

This week a woman, after having given birth to a son six days earlier, had come on the show to prove to her boyfriend that he was the father.

However, she had taken a lie detector test, and Jeremy Kyle announced to a shocked audience that the results were inconclusiveshock, horror!

He then appeals for calm, “no” he says, the result means nothing, it was the new mothers pain following the recent birth which had prevented a decisive verdict.

He asks the father-in-limbo “will you accept that she is telling the truth, that you are the father of this baby?”

Father-in-limbo says he is still not sure and cannot accept her word.

Jeremy Kyle then announces, that we are not to worry because a DNA test has been done and he is in fact the father of the baby beyond all doubt!  Hallelujah!

The implication is that now that this is cleared up, the couple can get on with their lives with love and trust – problem solved!

I laugh at its ridiculousness!

My wife says she is going to take me onto the show with our issues.

I ask her, “What will be the strap-line?”

She says “My husband refuses to accept that he is bi-sexual”

We laugh together and share a hug.

So, to my surprise, Jeremy Kyle has provoked an interaction between us which speaks to me of the journey which my wife still has to travel on her journey to accept my truth and it will be my role to support her every step of the way!

My next blog will be: Crushed

William Defoe

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