Giving a Kidney

I’ve heard it said that if a person gives a healthy kidney to a person who has been waiting for a kidney transplant, it is the the healthy person who takes longer to recover than the person receiving the kidney who benefits quickly from this amazing gift.

This week, I thought about this reality, after my wife explained that she was not ready for me to return part of my life to the voluntary work that I did for many years until two years ago, when I gave it up to concentrate on my inner conflict, a strained marriage, and to focus on supporting my youngest adolescent child with her studies.

In the last two years, I have had the support of my wife and family and an excellent coach as I have come to terms with the apparent conflicts in my life which had caused me deep pain, fear and anxiety for many years.

I am feeling now that I am ready to re-connect with aspects of my life which I put on hold, whilst I faced up to these challenges.

I realise that I have been in receipt of the metaphorical kidney and I have bounced back in a gradual, managed kind of way, but my wife, who has metaphorically given her kidney needs some more time.

So, we have agreed to live in the question for the time being.

I have learned through my continuous development which will never end, that answers take time and in the spirit of my new found calm and acceptance of being in the moment, I am ready to wait as long as it takes for her wounds to heal too.

Thanks for the “kidney” my love, I’d like you to share with you, my heart!

My next blog will be:    Choosing Continuous Support

William Defoe

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