The Heart is Slow to Learn

I would described myself as a fairly emotional type of man, highly strung at times, anxious, empathetic, and caring towards others.

I would have said that I am a man of the heart, rather than the head, but in recent weeks, I have sensed a shift within me from head to heart which has felt quite strange.

I have noticed in my periods of quiet reflection that I have often acted on matters concerning myself from the head but in matters concerning others I have acted from the heart.

I think, I am experiencing an increased awareness that I have at times, been kinder, more sympathetic and gentle to others that I have to myself.

I am increasingly becoming aware, through the discovery of my evolving and ever-changing truth, that I need to nurture my own life through my own heart once the understanding has been  disseminated in my head.

So, my head is taking the time it needs to discern my inner voice, and my heart, which has been slow to learn is now following along at its slower pace to hold within it a place of calm, gentleness and deep love for me.

My next blog will be:     The Crossing of My Forehead, Lips and Heart

William Defoe

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