Taking Stock

Last week I had an opportunity to appraise myself of my progress on my journey of self acceptance in preparing for and then holding a telephone conversation with my coach.

Taking Stock of where I am in the present moment requires a fairly thorough investigation of how I am coping with the complexities of my life at the current time and what experiences can I find by looking back over the period of time since we last spoke which help me to explain both my progress and setbacks over that period.

I have been coached for just over two years and I have found myself being able to clearly articulate the improvement in how I explain myself in the world with much more clarity of self understanding and acceptance than I was able to at the start of this lifelong journey.

I wrote down three headings as follows:-

  1. The Present
    • I am calmer
    • I am more settled in my marriage
    • I am more aware of the impact of my behaviour on others who are close to me
    • I feel happier towards my family
    • I am able to cope with challenging situations and the choices of others which previously caused me to react angrily
    • I am in touch with my coaching strategies so that they are becoming self-generating and sustainable in the situations that I find myself in
  2. Coping Strategies
    • I have cultivated a family network of support which I fully engage in
    • I write my blog regularly which helps me to channel my journey into a shared experience with others
    • I have reduced my “news” intake – less intense over world events while remaining interested
    • I write a diary everyday which records my feelings
    • I spend a part of everyday in quiet space
    • I walk regularly with my wife
  3. The Future
    • Holiday and Social Plans to look forward to

Having prepared for the call and sent this to my coach in advance, we have our call and I am able to focus on areas of particular improvement and those that remain challenging.

I benefit from having to speak out my current understanding of the issues which I am dealing with, and in return I benefit from her gentle guidance, which is not advice, rather it is speaking back to me what I have said, and probing the deeper meaning within it for me to continue to reflect upon, until the next time I come to the point of “Taking Stock”

My next blog will be: Bringing the Future into the Present

William Defoe

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Janeena

    It is such a joy to read this – how extraordinary you are in your capacity to reflect, shift and take new action. Gives me a real feel for the potential we all have – even in the darkest of places – to unfold anew.

    Liked by 1 person


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