Bringing the Future into the Present

In recent months I have noticed that whenever I think of the future, I ask myself to think about what my thoughts of the future are telling me in the present moment.

Whenever, I become aware of a future thought I am very conscious that it is speaking to me now, today, in the present.

For example, I have always liked to have future holidays and social plans to look forward to and rather than think that a future planned event is ten weeks away before I fly to Spain etc, I focus on the value of the promise of a future pleasant experience and it lightens up my mood in a positive way.

I have suffered in the past through being bogged down by memories of poor experiences on holidays related to family arguments and my own inability to manage my stress or control events, so that they cast a shadow over future plans, so that there has been at times, a sense of dread that the past will repeat itself in the future.

I now try to live my life in the present and I have gained a new discipline through finding a period of quiet and reflective time in each day to be calm and to absolutely refute in the present moment negative thoughts about the future. 

I had it all planned out in my head a few years ago, how my children’s lives would unfold in terms of academic success, marriage (in church!), grandchildren, happiness. When their realities took a different turn to my expectations I panicked, became unhappy, made them unhappy and for a time I felt an overwhelming sense of foreboding about all my tomorrows. No more!

If my thoughts ask me to look into the future, I try very hard to take some joy out of those thoughts today in the present moment.

Tomorrow will take care of itself when it becomes the present!

My next blog will be:   Opening Up to Me

William Defoe

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