“I used to be Happy”

When I am in the midst of unhappiness, I often hear these words in my head “I used to be Happy” quickly followed by “No you didn’t”

When the darkness in my life assumes precedence in my thoughts, the light struggles to emerge into the open and is quickly suppressed. 

The truth about the huge emotional upheavals that have been a feature of my life caused primarily by my conflicted sexuality, is that they have in fact ebbed and flowed and I can think of many times when I have experienced happiness.

The Integral Coaching that I have undertaken recently has empowered me not to think ahead to some idyllic future when happiness is dominant and constant, but to acknowledge and make a note of those times when they do occur, so that real happiness can be recalled, which will act as a beacon in the darkness.

So, my truth is that sometimes I am happy, and sometimes I am sad and actually they exist in my consciousness and memory together at the same time.

My goal is to make sure that I never think of happiness as being in the past tense! 

Will you try to join me in doing the same?

My next blog will be: You’re late!

William Defoe

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