In the western Christian tradition the Feast of Christmas – the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, comes to an end on the 12th night with the symbolic arrival of The Three Kings (from the east) alternatively referred to as The Three Wise men who brought gifts to Jesus of Gold; Frankincense and Myrhh – this feast is called – “Epiphany”

These wise men represent the Gentiles – non Jews – to represent that the Good News of Jesus is for the whole world after the dear Jewish people.

My blog today, is to share a lovely Epiphany prayer which was sent to me today by a friend, which I would like to share with you:-

“As the wise men made their long journey to meet with God, so may each of us make that journey every day, facing our challenges and finding the energy and courage to keep going and the wisdom to know that the reward is worth everything.”

I have underlined the key sentiment for me in the prayer, because life can be a struggle for me , perhaps it is for you, but a way to manage this struggle is to live in the present, informed by the past, conscious of the future to come, but living the best we can for today.

My next blog will be : “I used to be Happy”

William Defoe

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