Driving Home

I have the luxury of a 45 minute drive home from work everyday.

I did not always see this time as a luxury, in fact there was a time when it felt like a waste of time and the traffic could be so frustrating as I felt pressure to reach home.

During my journey of self acceptance I have come to realise that this time alone is precious. A great array of activity comes into my mind which calls for my attention.

Sometimes I laugh at the replay of an event that happened today or at some memory that wants to be aired in my consciousness.

Often I cry – perhaps shed a tear is a better explanation of this experience – because some happy or sad thought has commandeered the space in the silence that I have provided for it.

So, Driving Home, I put behind me the pressures of today, and I plan a little for tomorrow so that when my car arrives at my home, I can enter that safe space, calmer, and more able to listen to the concerns of my family who have not had the advantage of my drive home!

My next blog will be: Shirley Valentine

William Defoe

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