At 54

Earlier this week, I reached the age at which my maternal grandmother died in 1955.

At this age too, an uncle of mine died, and more recently a much loved cousin.

No wonder, perhaps then, that I contemplate more seriously, what this year has in store for me, and how best I can respond to the deep longings of my heart to face and live up to my truth.

I have this fear, that I will leave my life one day, without having lived it.

To live my life, is to respond to the call within, to live with integrity, to live with honesty, to live with truth.

I have interpreted this for many years, as it having its fullest meaning in conforming to the values of those around me, to the principles of my faith, to avoid being a disappointment.

At 54, I am emerging strongly into an interpretation of living my life, by listening to the call of my soul, to give my life its full expression with integrity, honesty and truth.

My next blog will be: Manual Labour

William Defoe

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