The Solitary Tree On The Horizon

Earlier this month,I spent a few days on the coast with my wife, and as we drove home we witnessed the most beautiful of sunsets as we drove along.

A deep red glow on the open horizon, in front of which were the rolling hills which were basking in the shadows of blue and yellow and green and orange of the setting sun – utterly beautiful!.

After the sun had left us, my eyes were drawn to a solitary tree on the horizon and my heart fell into a deep reverie and melancholy, as I continued to glance over towards it as I drove along.

It’s strength and it’s beauty and it’s magnificence were very much apparent to me, but it seemed to me, to be very much alone and unfriended.

My musing thoughts on the beauty of this tree and of its sparse surroundings in the distance, moved me to consider that from another aspect the isolation of this tree might not be so sad as I perceived it to be.

Over the horizon the land no doubt, fell away, and all that exists in that space beyond the tree is as yet unknown to me.

If for some reason, I felt a connection with the tree, it was no doubt because I could reflect in my own life, the beauty and love which surrounds me from family and friends and colleagues and community, and yet still I feel a sense of isolation and deep pain and loneliness at the hidden life I hold within me.

If for some reason, I could dare to hope that aspects of my hidden life could be exposed and enlightened and expressed as a gay man in the context of my marriage then perhaps I too could feel the glow on my heart, of the setting sun and its bright raiment  of colours on my face.

If for some reason, I could see beyond the horizon and realise that there is beauty there too, and not a chasm of destruction and pain, then perhaps too, I could immerse myself and be glad that somewhere out there others eyes are being drawn towards me as if I too was the solitary tree on the horizon.

My next blog will be: Manual Labour

William Defoe

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