Resisting the Urge to Rearrange our Ornaments

At about this time last year. we had installed a new and modern downstairs closet, with white furnishings and duck-egg blue walls.

We chose some trinkets to adorn the surfaces  – a photo-frame and a candle whose colour complimented the walls, and a bowl of tumbleweed or is ts potpourri?

In my often up-right state as I use the spanking new facility, I have this urge to move the frame, push the bowl and align the unlit flame, but I never do!

The resistance to this desire to be the creative one, feels important to me.

Better, I say, to be curious about the next move of the ornaments which comes, I think, at the hand of my wife, perhaps in her own organised way, or perhaps without thinking at all.

All I know is, that deep down the ornaments are not arranged as I would have them organised.

The ornaments are not aligned in a row, slightly off centre, more to the middle, or more to the left or right, I’m never quite sure.

I like the feel of my resistance.

It does not mean I agree with it.

It does not mean I accept it.

By resisting the urge to rearrange the ornaments, I am free to explore, free to imagine, free to accept those beautiful elements within me which I have grown to love with a burning passion which will never be reduced or falsely contained within my soul.

My next blog will be: Beautiful Men

William Defoe

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