In Traffic

In recent years I have been trying to develop my capacity to be less reactive in situations, particularly in the home, where my immediate response was often one of anger, frustration, release or sullenness

How surprising then, that my reactivity and creativity at work are the very things for which I am highly commended, because in the working environment my reactivity gets things done, keeps the wheels turning and outputs delivered.

Whilst driving home from work last week on a busy motorway, I was momentarily pre-occupied with how, in the fast moving traffic, my environment was constantly changing while I had the appearance of not doing anything to change it.

Cars and vans and lorries sped passed me in the outer lane while I drove along at a constant speed in the inner lane, in which there was no obstruction or slow moving traffic which I needed to overtake or avoid.

The concept that, I can find myself in an environment in which, despite the fast moving pace of the world around me, I can sit tight, maintain speed, cover the distance whilst at the same time taking note and maintaining my relationship with the situation that I am in called softly to my inner voice.

I have noted that it is quite possible to react internally to the changing situation, whilst outwardly keeping a steady course.

At some point, further down the road, I may need to signal and manoeuvre, but when I do, I will have had time to prepare, time to find a safe space, and time to signal my intentions to others, so that my impact is managed, it is balanced and it is appropriate.

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William Defoe

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