Waves Draw On Energy From What Has Been

I have been thinking about how the sea creates waves by pulling in the water from waves which have already reached the shore.

Each new wave draws its energy from the water in front of it.

This phenomenon made me curious as I waded my feet at the edge of the sea one day last week in Spain.

For a moment, my feet were covered in sea-water, and then suddenly this water was pulled back strongly so that my feet were exposed and uncovered on the sand until once again the wave rolled in and covered them.

Of course, I have noticed this before, but I began to think of how each wave, drawn from the energy from the previous wave, is a new experience and unique in its strength, it’s reach, it’s depth, its temperature.

I perceived with a greater clarity, that my own experiences are also drawn in to create new experiences, which although influenced by the past are not bound by it – they can be something new.

I experience from time to time, intensely sad moments in my life, despite being quite good at naming and noticing my emotions, when I anguish over aspects of my life which will never really change.


These feelings are perhaps those moments, like the sea, when the next wave to come along, is perhaps longer than the normal rhythm of the to and fro.

It is in those moments, when my feet are exposed, or perhaps when my feet are are exposed and I happen to notice it, that my emotions entrap me into a mood of despondency and hopelessness in respect of my old fears and isolation.

All too soon, the next wave comes along and refreshes my feet, and I wiggle my toes so that I can sense within me a sense of hopefulness, a sense of letting go, a sense of moving on, in a never ending rhythm, which has drawn into itself a future, which is inspired by the energy from what has been before.

My next blog will be:  Do Pebbles Belong At The Seaside?

William Defoe

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