Companion Seat

We recently acquired a companion seat for our garden.

A companion seat is a wooden bench-like structure with two seats which point in towards each other connected by a table.

I was keen to assemble the new structure and once I had built it, I called my wife to come out and look at it.

We sat on some other chairs looking at our new “companion seat” and I felt very pleased with my assembly skills and the finished product.

After a short while, something about the structure of the companion seat made me feel uneasy.

The two seats were facing out from each other and not inwards.

I pointed out the defect in my workmanship to my wife.

Her response was to say, leave it as it is, it will be just perfect for the times we are not on speaking terms.

My response was to hope for a less volatile future. I set to work to re-assemble the seats so they faced in towards each other, as designed.

If only we could make our relationship as resolutely fixed so as to face in rather than face out.

Perhaps when the difficulties arise in the future, a good place to sit will be on our new companion seat which places our bodies towards each other, designed for us to look at each other, hold hands, laugh, talk and cry, but above all to connect and love.

My next blog will be: Death of a Friend

William Defoe

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