Welsh Song – Caneuon Cymraeg

I’ve been listening to the beautiful voice of Welsh lyric mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins in my car in recent days.

The CD I am listening to, is pre-dominantly of her singing in Welsh, the language of Wales and I understand, not a word of what she is actually singing.

Of course, the listening experience of music is multi-faceted and despite the fact that I cannot access the meaning of the songs, I can access the feeling which her beautiful voice conveys.

In a strange way, I am proud for the people of Wales, to have such a talented singer as Katherine Jenkins, so conversant and competent to sing in her native tongue.

I feel slightly envious of people who can speak Welsh, and who are multi-lingual, which I am not.

The tone and pitch of her voice, transport me to a heavenly place, as if I am in the presence of an angel.

The orchestral accompaniment to her voice, remind me that to excel, we often need to be supported with the skills of others.

The accompaniment of voices, particularly the male welsh voice choirs, remind me of the diversity of the human voice in both pitch and range.

I think that to experience something, without having a full understanding of it, is to be in the midst of a deep involvement with the soul.

My soul craves peace.

My soul craves love.

My soul craves others.

My soul craves energy.

My soul craves light.

My soul craves rest.

My soul craves understanding.

I can honestly say, that my soul has developed a deeper sense of its identity, as I have listened to Katherine Jenkins singing in Welsh and I have understood not a word.

Diolch yn fawr iawn !        [Thank you very much !]

My next blog will be: Cold and cold

William Defoe



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