Last weekend, whilst driving I was momentarily distracted by the sight of a young boy, aged about 10, when he suddenly jumped in the air and waved his arms before continuing to walk with his father (I presume).

His sudden release of energy, spoke to me of what it is like to be carefree.

I think we are supposed to experience a more carefree existence as children, but often this is not the case, despite the best efforts of parents to keep their children looked after and loved.

In my case, despite a loving home, I had a disposition to anxiety which made it hard for me to make lasting friendships with boys of my own age.

The continual threat of bullies, and the name calling and the occasional physical assaults served to make that anxiety all the more heightened.

Despite these situations in my childhood, I certainly had carefree moments whilst playing with my friends and feeling a sense of freedom, which is not as accessible to children nowadays, as I went off for hours on my bike to friends houses and local parks and woods.

My mind, having witnessed this child’s carefree moment, became curious to whether I still have carefree periods in my life, as an adult managing still my innate nature to be stressed and anxious.

The answer came back that I do have carefree moments, and they occur in my life because I have improved my own mental discipline over when I will exert my mind to issues I am dealing with, by actively diverting my thinking when I consider the time to be inappropriate.

For years I would wake up in the night with work related concerns, but in recent years, through coaching development of self, I am better able to tell my mind in the middle of the night, that now is not the time for resolving work issues.

I feel carefree whilst out running, and I lose myself when painting, and I love the feeling I have when I am walking in the countryside.

The benefit I get from being silent, even when in the company of family or friends, allows me moments to be carefree and my mind, despite it all, recognises my need for just being in the moment, because I have made a deal that whatever the issues are, they will get my attention at the time I have allotted to them, but no, not now.

My next blog will be:   Consumed

William Defoe




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