Hymn Book

I am a member of a church choir.

Sometimes when I am singing a hymn, my eye will be drawn to the hymns which are located before and after the hymn which we are currently singing.

It seems strange to me to see a Christmas Hymn next to a Lenten Hymn or an Easter Hymn.

Wouldn’t it be better, I muse, if the hymns were placed in seasonal order and this way my hymn book would not look so randomly organised as to make it appear out of order.

Of course, I then remember that my hymn book is ordered in the alphabetic sequence of the first line of each hymn.

There is within it, an inherent logic and an organised approach to the order in which the hymns are prioritised in the hymn book.

This craving for order in my life, at times, is illustrated well in the fact that sometimes what seems out of order and following a path of no apparent logic, can be ordered in our minds if we pay attention and give enough thought to the pattern of our lives.

The logic for me in craving an organised life, is that the apparently competing elements of my life, which demand my time and attention, need to be given a focus in their turn to allow them to have a context which is balanced and reasonable.

My next blog will be: She Wanted To Enjoy The Song

William Defoe

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