A Helping Hand

Yesterday, I was very surprised when a woman thrust out her hand to assist me as I climbed down a small wall to join a line of runners at the start of my local Parkrun.

A helping hand which was unsought, but generous and kind and thoughtful in its gesture of connection, its gesture of care, its gesture of giving.

I took her hand and she briefly took some of my weight upon herself.

At the moment I stepped down from the small embankment; at the moment between leaving and arriving which was so brief, I felt humbled and grateful by her example of generosity and care.

As I stood in the line, waiting for the race to start, my mind insisted on pondering over the importance of a gesture between strangers; the importance of connecting with each other; the importance of recognising the need in another, even when it is not sought or asked for; the importance of  giving a helping hand.

My next blog will be: Clean Underwear

William Defoe

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