Winter Sun

At this time of year in  the UK, the sun sits low in the sky.

On a clear, cold, crisp morning last week I was temporarily “blinded” by the winter sun.

The sun was sat on the horizon as I turned round a sharp corner in the road, which rises on an upward curve to a very narrow part of the road where drivers need to show courtesy to let each other through.

Not an ideal place then to lose complete sight of the road, however momentarily it was.

In the moment I was aware of the shape and feel of the road, the extent of its curvature, and the proximity of parked cars along the kerb outside the church on my left.

I had to hold a steady course, slow down, but push through to overcome the “blind spot” until it passed.

How often have I been able to do that when provoked or challenged by a situation in my life?

Have I been able to hold a course through a difficult patch, drawing upon my own knowledge and love of self to see me through without reacting in ways which make a bad situation even worse?

Sadly, despite my efforts, sometimes I fail.

Perhaps the winter sun in my life, occasionally has the power to cause me to actually stop, however briefly, on my journey to be calm.

The winter sun on the horizon, may temporarily take away my vision, but it illuminates the wider landscape around me.

It’s sepia light, on the forms and shapes of both my inner and outer world, provide me with what I need to find within me, to push through.

My next blog will be : No Words

William Defoe

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