Dizzy Spell

On Thursday morning last week, I set off for my morning run in the normal routine which I have established for myself.

At approximately halfway round the circular route, I began to feel dizzy.

I noticed the sensation of light-headed-ness and I experienced a growing sensation of detachment of my mind from my feet in this dizzy spell.

I began to fear that I would fall, or worse faint onto the hard pavement.

These fears at first had no hold on my intention to finish the run which I had embarked upon, however, a little later, the feelings of detachment grew so strong, that my own concern for my safety compelled me to stop running and to walk back.

I was in the fortunate position of being able to explain to myself, what had caused these bodily sensations, without having to consult a doctor.

I had taken a sleeping sedative to calm my mood the evening before, in an effort to relax and the effects of the medication had obviously not finished their course within me.

It made me think how I often want to rush on to the next thing in aspects of my life without dealing with the here and now.

The here and now craves my compassion both for self, and for others, and it is from that deep formed well of calm, that ultimately my feet will remain in a rhythm with my head.

My next blog will be: Descant

William Defoe

I would like to wish my dear friend and life-coach a very happy birthday today (which is St Stephens Day) and to thank her for illuminating my journey with a profound sense of hope, an intense sense of what it is like to be (who we are); and a growing sense of the depth of my capacity to love.

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