No Photograph Taken

A few weeks ago, during a short break in October, I visited Whitby.

Although I was with my family, I had an opportunity to walk alone up the 200 steps to Whitby Abbey.

The few moments which I had alone, in that  truly beautiful spot, were an opportunity for me to just be; to just be with it; to just be with self.

As I made my way back to the top of the steps to descend them again, to meet up for a meal with my family, I paused and I admired the view.

As I stood there, several people stopped close by to take photographs of the spectacular view of the coast from this high vantage point.

I had my camera with me, but for me no photograph was taken.

I simply felt the need to be in it; to be part of it; to be close to it; and for me, this was best experienced in my wounded heart, which in that moment felt a sense of healing and a sense of hope; a sense of acceptance and a sense of my truth, and I was calm.

True, I have visited Whitby before, and I will do so again, but the place from which no photograph was taken, at the top of the steps to the abbey, looking out to sea is a memory etched now, all these weeks later, on my mind and heart.

For me, as I journey through a complicated set of emotions, I am learning that the best memories are the ones where I have created a space to take notice; created a space to pray and think; created a space to be calm.

My next blog will be: Malta

William Defoe

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