Hard Brexit

I’m not sure I would make a good negotiator for the UK in respect of the Brexit discussions which will take place with the EU starting next year.

I tend to think we should assume a Hard Brexit and work hard with our dear European allies to find a mutually beneficial; gentler way.

I imagine a sensible government would have a few outcome scenarios depending on the type of Brexit which eventually emerges.

Last week, my car broke down on my way home from work. I managed to drive it in a woeful condition to the garage. It was making a terrible rasping sound.

As I walked home from the garage, I thought of the situation with my car as akin to a Hard Brexit.

It won’t be repairable;

It will be too expensive;

I can’t afford a new car now;

I’ll have to catch two buses to work and two buses back for the foreseeable future;

I will lose the freedom I enjoy in having access to a car, particularly on a weekend;

I won’t have a car for my journeys south on holiday and to see friends.

I will lose the opportunity to run before work as I will be sat on a bus!

I only washed the car last night – what a waste of time that was!

Hard Brexit! so why did I feel so calm!

Well, as follows:-

The saved diesel money and insurance will pay for bus fare and taxis;

I have been waiting with interest to see what would finally bring my car to a standstill – interesting that I was on my way to church when it conked out!

I do have the means to save up for a new one, its just a timing issue;

I do have access to finance (not my preferred solution though);

The car is in good hands with a mechanic I trust.

Softening Hard Brexit ! I slept well.

The following day, I caught the bus to work.

Shortly after I arrived I received a phone call from the garage – my car need a crankshaft pulley and would it would be repaired and ready for me to pick up at the end of the day.

Soft Brexit!

And my point, be prepared for the worst, the worst is only a place from which a journey forward begins!

My next blog will be: An Olive

William Defoe







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