In and Out of Routine

I’ve been struck recently, during home refurbishments which seem to have gone on for ever and a day, how much I have been craving the need to establish my normal routine.

The usual pattern of each day, which is punctuated by sleep, work and relaxation with the odd bits of variety, for example, putting the bins out for emptying on a Wednesday.

Funny, I should miss the mundane routine aspects of my life, when I am usually looking forward to the next bit of excitement such as a birthday or Christmas or a holiday or a visitor.

I think the bigger picture of my life tells me that I am constantly in and out of routine and although a holiday, for example, may be classified as out of routine, it is in fact, in most cases, part of the usual pattern of my annual routine.

This need for a basic pattern in my life, keeps me grounded, keeps me safe, manages the stress so that I control it, so that it does not control me.

This life of mine, in and out of routine, punctuated by the occasional unexpected pleasure or pain, is the emotional heartbeat of my life which helps to keep me calm, in a life which is coping with certain aspects which are hard to live with.

This in and out of routine makes my life tolerable because the ebb and flow is akin to the sea lapping the shore, whatever is drawn in by the underlying current will be pushed back out again  by the waves.

My next blog will be:  Overcome in a Cathedral

William Defoe

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