Dry Cleaners

Recently, as I drove past a dry cleaners store I read this sign, much to my amusement:-


Of course, in the context of the shop window in which this sign was displayed, the invitation makes sense, but out of this context a whole new meaning illuminated my mind!

Words and their context are open to interpretation, and also mis-interpretation, and I have so many times in the past taken offence at a mis spoken word to keep alive an argument or infer I have been hurt just to prolong an issue unresolved.

I have made strong attempts on my journey of self discovery, to interpret what is said to me, or about me, with as full a clarity and honesty as I am able to in the moment, and where this understanding is not possible, I have pondered over it to strengthen my understanding before seeking clarification.

This new approach to listening and deciphering, means that I am in a much better place to respond constructively and openly to criticism or praise, and I am much less likely to mis-understand a sentence and risk dropping my pants (literally) the next time I visit the dry cleaners!

My next blog will be: Die-Hard 4

William Defoe









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