Land Train

I have noticed that I have an increasing need for periods of silence in my life.

I was surprised, therefore, by the feeling of euphoria which I experienced whilst taking a late night ride on a Land Train whilst on holiday in Portugal..

The decision we made, to join the fun Land Train, was on impulse, and as it set off around the streets of the beautiful coastal town, the passengers started to wave at all the passersby as went along.

Whenever someone on the street waved back, a great cheer went up from the Land Train which caused the passengers and the pedestrians to laugh.

In the narrow streets, the excitement increased, as people waved back at us from pavement restaurants and bars, and  from kitchens and houses.

It is hard to explain just how this feeling of connection with my fellow passengers, (all strangers), and with the people who connected with us from the street, made me feel.

I felt as if I had taken a potion which made me feel uncontrollably happy.

I felt alive and connected with those I was sharing this surreal experience.

I felt emotional, relieved to be capable of feeling as happy as this for a reason I could not explain.

I think my euphoria, has something to do with having survived the struggle to accept me, all of me.

I think my euphoria, has something to do with being able to live in the moment and experience its wonders with a raw intensity which is no longer constrained by old feelings of not being able to cope.

I think my euphoria, has something to do with living my life in the present and recognising that although I like to be silent, I also like to connect to life in all its fullness, and this is the feeling that I have taken away from my ride on a Land Train.

My next blog will be: Bracelet

William Defoe



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