Falling Over

Last weekend whilst enjoying a concert in the open air, two small children, a boy and a girl, both aged about three years old, sat on two deck chairs just to the left of me.

After a few moments, the little girl fell over on her chair to the left into the grass and a cry rang out from under it.

Her mother rushed over and picked her up and comforted her.

I was amazed, and also amused when the little girl, only moments later, still suppressing the remnants of her sobs, clambered back up onto the chair and resumed her position next to her friend as if in defiance.

A few minutes later, the chair on which the little boy was sitting fell over, but this time there was not a sound.

I was the first to react, because he was situated closer to me and I jumped up and lifted the chair with him in it into the upright position.

He was smiling at me as I did so.

Not a sound, just a smile and I felt overcome inside at his reaction to the fall.

Here in front of me were two amazing lessons on how to recover from falling over.

The little girl, upset, but fearlessly and resolutely got straight back on.

The little boy, calm, also fearless, resolutely continued in his position as if nothing had happened.

I have often “fallen over” at times in my life, and I have struggled to move on, or keep going.

It is as if the falling over has cast a shadow over my ability to make choices, being more emotive, reactive and protracted because of the lingering fear of the events to follow.

This little boy and girl showed me a new way, seek comfort, and then get on with it, or just get on with it!

My next blog will be: Earth and Moon

William Defoe


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