The smallest pan in our kitchen is a chrome “milk pan

It gets used a lot because it is suitable and adaptable to quite a few small scale tasks.

I noticed it’s unique place as a tool of choice recently after making a couple of boiled eggs for my wife, I threw out the boiling water into the sink and without having to wash and dry it, I poured into the same pan some porridge oats and milk for my own breakfast of choice.

I was drawn in that moment, of deploying the full range of my culinary skills, to the present – the here and now –  and the place of this little milk pan within it.

I noticed that it is adaptable, seamlessly to the new requirement which I placed upon it and that once placed on the source of fuel  – in this case – the gas, it delivered under my watchful eye its nourishment to the household.

This pan simply illustrated to me, in that moment, that with the fuel of courage and love  – love of self and love for, and from, those who are close to me, I too can be adaptable, useful and a source of strength in my journey through life.

My next blog will be: Father and Baby

William Defoe

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