Flying Ducks

Don’t ducks just dabble?

Last week I was amazed to see several flying ducks as I walked along a beautiful stretch of the canal near my home.

I was fascinated by these flying ducks as they lifted themselves off the water, and flew in a direct line over the canal at about my head height, so that as they passed me they were level with my eyes.

I have always known that ducks fly, but rarely have I seen them do so, but to see them fly in a straight line from A to B further along the canal at the height of my head was wonderful.

The canal life seemed to be in flux, early spring, territories being claimed, the strong pushing out the weak, the weak trying their luck against all odds of succeeding to claim a patch of water.

How much of my life has been spent trying to claim a foothold, a home, a place to feel safe?

How much of my life has been spent fending off the aggressor, not just the playground bully and the insecure boss, but also the demons from within?

Through a process of internal scrutiny, coaching, reading, meditation, prayer, physical exercise and friendships,  and a growing acceptance of truth, I have found a life, I have found a space to call my own that lives within me, and is reflected out of me in a new found confidence and love of self.

Ducks don’t just dabble – they fly!

My next blog will be: What Do Your Books Say About You?

William Defoe




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