Low Orbit

I have recently enjoyed watching the gripping space film, “The Martian” starring Matt Damon.

Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney is accidentally left alive and alone on Mars during an emergency evacuation by the crew in a dangerous martian storm.

I have felt inspired by the idea, which is promoted in the film, which is that to survive we have to take incremental steps.

My own journey to accept my truth has been incremental and it continues to be so.

It sometimes feels like I am trying a variety of ways to make connections with the world through a revised prism of my identity which somehow feel unrelated and random.

As my journey has unfolded, these apparently separate elements begin to form connections with each other which protect and sustain my fragile soul.

At the end of the film, Mark Watney, after undertaking heroic challenges to survive, has to submit himself completely to his crew mates who are attempting to reach him in space.

It looks like they are going to fall short, but he thrusts himself forward from his low orbit through the hole he creates in his space suit to propel himself towards his rescuers.

This made me feel emotional, because so often I have felt that despite all my efforts, those whom I need to support me fall short and do not manage to reach in to my pain to rescue me.

I felt in watching the film, that I need to recognise in others the effort they make to help and support me with their love and to resolve to make an extra effort to propel myself forward to them out of my own low orbit.

My next blog will be: Blue Hair

William Defoe


[My wife, seeing that I was emotional at the end of this wonderful film, said to me ” You do realise Will that it is only a sandpit?” – I said “I do not, he’s been left alone 50 million miles away all alone on Mars”]






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