Among my selection of gifts from my loved ones at Christmas was a bottle of Parfum!

It was only yesterday that the irony of it’s name “Obsession for Men” occurred to me.

I embrace the irony, and I have no fear!

Now if that is not development in action, I don’t know what is!

But take the word “Obsession” ¬†– this is an interesting concept which requires some attention from me.

This word talks to me of being in a state of continuous circle on a narrow theme which perhaps is causing me, or others close to me, emotional pain.

This word speaks to me of suppression of my potential to be present in everything.

I am learning, through my journey to know self, that it is sometimes good for me to focus intensely on various aspects of self, and my impact with others in various situations, however, I have also learned to hold loosely onto the intensity.

A loose hold, means for me that I am not obsessed, I am simply being curious, and I am not being held prisoner by my thoughts.

I am exploring the landscape of my mind and whenever I feel suffocated by my interest in something (ranging from the world news to my adult children’s lifestyle choices), I push out the boundaries of my mind, to be more expansive,so as not to stifle my opportunity today, to be present.

I think this parfum has gone to my head!

My next blog will be: Self(ish)!

William Defoe

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