When Heaven Looks Down

This very morning I woke up to my wife asking me – “I thought you were doing the parkrun this morning with ….. (eldest daughter)”

“I am, what time is it?” came back my tired reply.

“It’s quarter to nine” (“Parkrun” starts across the UK at 9.00 am – they are amazing events!)

I launched myself out of bed and I was completely inept in making any positive attempt to do anything constructive except moan and curse my luck, when my wife told me to get ready and go for it.

I was out of the house in my running kit within three minutes, and setting off across the city  to meet my daughter at the park about a 15 minute drive away – there was no way I would be there in time for the start, so I would just have to start after everyone else!

Then heaven looked down on me – every single set of temporary roadwork lights and traffic lights were at green and I managed to get across the city in 8 minutes (within the speed limit!).

I was at the start line before my daughter arrived, and I felt very blessed when she arrived.

I was able to share the parkrun experience with her, which is important to me, as I find a new kind of space for her in my life.

After the run, we walked back to our cars talking and laughing.

I embraced her and kissed her goodbye, and as I walked away from her I looked up and thanked the heavens for looking down on me today!

My next blog will be:  Intense attraction

William Defoe

Picture Credit: aparna1011.wordpress.com

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