Why Me?

Earlier this week I was involved in a minor collision in my car. No one was hurt.

I was surprised as I drove away how calm I felt.

I arrived home, explained to my wife that someone had gone into the back of my car and then we went out to our french class as planned.

This morning, I felt irritated by the hassle that I knew I was going to have to go through in reporting the accident, explaining the facts, dealing with the repair and inconvenience. Why me?

The answer to that question is clear to me.

I don’t live in a vacuum, I live in the world and two things happen all the time:-

  • I happen to the world and in the world, and
  • the world happens to me and in me.

The young lady was upset as we exchanged details.

I reassured her that we were both okay and these things happen and so she should try not to worry.

In this I recognise my own growth through the Integral Coaching which I am undertaking.

My next blog will be:     Finding it hard to explain my needs

William Defoe

Picture Credit: ideas-for-happy-living.blogspot.com

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